Sale Conditions

The sale is structured for maximum tax advantage, and for ease of transfer, for both the Buyers and Sellers. All LLCs listed above must transfer concurrently upon closing. This is a cash sale and there will be no owner financing or financing contingencies in the Sales Agreement. Owners are not leaving the area.

Seller is available to “mentor” the Buyer as a W2 employee (not as a 1099 consultant) for a period of up to 2 years from Closing Date to show Buyer how he operated the business and how he produced the wines used by the winery (The BBW Method). Brett will require an employment agreement stipulating only ten hours per week for a minimum wage of $10 per hour. It is estimated that within this first year after the transfer, Brett can either make or show Buyer how to make all required wine annually up to $4 million of retail wine value (based on current BBW retail pricing) per year. All expenses for winemaking are to be paid by Buyer. Brett shall incur no out-of-pocket expenses whatsoever.

This sale involves the transfer of approximately 36 acres of land.

Sale Price

Blue Barn Winery & Vineyard, LLC $250K
Blue Barn IP, LLC $1MM
Blue Barn Equipment, LLC $500K
Blue Barn Acres, LLC $4MM
Blue Barn Farm, LLC $1MM
Total $6.75MM

All prospective buyers and offers will be vetted by the owners’ broker prior to releasing any BBW financial information. A nondisclosure agreement will be required. Only qualified buyers, as determined solely by the owners and owners’ broker, will receive any financial information.