Business Models

The owners have successfully tested the first four of these models and are currently focusing on #3 and #4. BBW has the land to implement models #5 and #6 but they have not been explored. The winery production area has been designed and built to accommodate #7.

The owners visited and interviewed numerous large East Coast wineries to help them determine their initial build requirements and business direction. This interview process has allowed them to avoid untold missteps and mistakes.

Higher-End Winery Business Models Include

  1. A wedding reception venue
  2. A meeting and party venue
  3. Retail sales and tasting room operations
  4. A music and concert venue
  5. A camping and/or RV facility
  6. A full restaurant, and
  7. Large-scale wine production and distribution.

One especially successful East-Coast winery offered this advice:

  • Learn to produce very good dry wines before ever producing a sweet wine (reputation is based on the dry wines, not the sweet wines)
  • Money is made with the sweet wines- unless you’re on the West Coast
  • Always overbuild the production facility, as you WILL grow into it
  • Become an iconic winery destination before ramping up production and distribution
  • Becoming an iconic winery destination is the “holy grail” and extremely hard to do (figure it out)
  • Good wine from an iconic winery will sell itself both in terms of retail and wholesale
  • Develop very unique and “marketable” names and labels and trademark everything you can
  • Do not allow intoxication or lewd behavior even at the expense of bad social media reviews from those individuals
  • Do not enter into any distribution agreements until you’ve accomplished all of the above