Blue Barn Winery (BBW) is located at 4407 Columbus Rd., Wooster, Ohio, on a major state highway, Ohio State Route 3, just south of Wooster. It’s located on a Horse Farm in the rolling hills of Wayne County. It’s comprised of several historical buildings including a Civil War-era, professionally restored barn and an 1832-built trading post converted into a primary residence.

Within a 125-mile radius of the winery:
• 13 million people reside
• Unemployment is currently at 4.2%
• Average income earnings is at $62,000/year


The “Johnny Appleseed Cabin”

The property lays along a primary road/trail that Johnny Appleseed used in the 1830’s traveling between his nearby properties. Thus, it’s safe to say that Johnny Appleseed visited and slept at this trading post numerous times. A replica 1830’s cabin has been constructed along the entrance sidewalk to the winery, the “Johnny Appleseed Cabin.”