Current Business

The owners have quickly built BBW into one of the most iconic wineries in Ohio. And they did it as a “seasonal”business, operating only four months per year (June, July, August, September) and only three days per week (Fri, Sat, Sun) during these months. The temptation has always been to expand the winery operation into a much larger year round business. But the owners have been downsizing and selling their business holdings over the past several years and are settling into retirement.

BBW owns or controls all of the properties surrounding the winery. Neighborhood complaints concerning the winery are nonexistent. The surrounding political voting district elected to grant BBW a permanent liquor license for all liquor operations including spiritous hard liquor and a Sunday liquor sales license. All winery properties have been placed into an Ohio Agricultural District to protect the business and real estate from any potential future adverse zoning restrictions.

In addition to excellent insurance coverage, BBW has been established and structured to provide for maximum liability protection for both its shareholders and the winery operation itself. We empower each member of the staff to refuse to serve anyone that they feel is intoxicated and then to notify management of that decision immediately. This can and does create a disappointed guest. However, it also creates a great deal of admiration from ALL of our other guests. The disappointed guest may sometimes vent on social media about something nonsensical or purely fabricated without mentioning the fact that he or she was refused service due to overindulgence.
  • We have never been listed in a civil dispute or lawsuit. To our knowledge, no one has ever left the winery and been involved in an accident or been pulled over by law enforcement.
  • We have never had a physical fight or altercation on the property. Law enforcement has never been called or asked to respond to an incident at BBW. Our customer base is not here to get “drunk.” They want a safe and secure environment where they can enjoy their evening. We have a very cooperative relationship with local law enforcement and often schedule them for traffic control on the highway during peak business periods.
In the event of a serious liability exposure event, BBW is structured to minimize liability and disruption of the business. Ohio’s limited liability corporation laws are better than any other state in the US, including FL, TX and NV. Ohio LLCs, including Single-Member and Single-Asset LLCs, are impregnable. They are based on the Florida LLC protections and then improved upon by the Ohio legislature to increase the FL LLC protections even more, after gaps were recently discovered in the FL code language.

The BBW business consists of five (5) separate entities, each with its own purpose and assets. Any sale of BBW must include all five entities simultaneously.